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Description:   XtraFolders is a new type of Windows utility software that takes ease of use to new levels, by tightly integrating its functionality with the operating system itself. There are 4 types of XtraFolders, and as the name suggests, each is in essence a normal Windows folder. That is, each folder behaves (as far as the operating system is concerned) like any other Windows folder. However, behind the scenes are some very useful utilities.

Clones: Clone folders let you mirror folders. It will create exact duplicates of all files and sub-folders contained within them. You can create any number of Clones from a single Source folder. When a file or folder is added, modified, deleted or renamed, the corresponding Clones are immediately synchronized to the Source folder.
With this folder you can:
· Achieve RAID5 like data security by locating the clone folders on separate physical hard drives on the same PC or across a network.
· Easily distribute files to a large number of locations.
· Synchronize files between two PC's or a PC and a notebook.

Trails: Trail folders let you keep a complete history of all changes to any files it contains. Each time a change is made to a file in a Trail folder, a copy is made automatically. You will never overwrite a file again and not be able to go back to a previous version.

Timers: Timers are folders that have a specific time associated with each. When the clock strikes, all files within the Timer folder are "opened" automatically. Use it to set yourself important reminders throughout the day. Or run a program that performs some other action at a specific time.

Start: Start folders automatically "opens" any file that is dropped into it. This can be used to run a program on another PC (distributed processing), or send someone a document and have it immediately opened on their PC.

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